Laura Newton – Singer

Hello, I’m Laura! I can remember following my Mum round the house driving her insane with my singing at about 3 years old. I just love it, it’s my thing!

I was so shy that I never did anything with it until I was at College. I got the lead female role in our end of year musical. I met Selina at College and we did some singing together at the Kent County Show, for Princes Trust events, and I recall singing at a castle in posh dresses!

I’ve been in several local bands, some cover bands and some original. I’ve had songs I wrote the lyrics and did vocals for played on BBC Introducing and KMFM.

Since 2012 I’ve been in a singing duo called Keepsake Lily and we gig all over Kent. We’ve done weddings, corporate events and parties, aswell as regular pub gigs.

I joined SOS at the start of 2020 and do mostly backing vocals with the occasional lead.

It’s so much fun, and I love the set list! Great bunch of talented guys n gals to work with.