Brian Jackett – Saxophonist

Hi my name is Brian and my interest in woodwind instruments started at the age of 8.

Having been taught the recorder by my Dad at home, meant that when I started the recorder at school I was immediately put in the school orchestra.

I first tried to take up the Saxophone at the age of 11.  I still remember being in the phone box at the end of my road with my mum trying to find a sax teacher, this was in the days when having a phone at home was not the norm. Unfortunately, no teachers were available, so I started on the Clarinet, there were plenty of Clarinet teachers!

It was not until 1992 that I finally purchased a tenor sax and started lessons. I could already read music quite well having studied it many years before at school, and the Sax is the same fingering as the Clarinet.

Having grown up in the 80’s my inspiration came from Lee Thompson, the sax player from Madness.
During the years I have played with friends and attended many jam sessions and a few cameo appearances in bands.

Sold on Souls’ very own Lee, the drummer and all-round top bloke, is my wife’s cousin and when he found out that I played the Sax, he asked if I would like to try out for SOS.

Well that went well, apparently, and when asked to join I was so pleased to think that the talented guys and girls of Sold on Soul, thought I was good enough to be their Sax player.