Jason Challis – Bass Player


Hi, my name is Jason. I’ve been playing the bass guitar since I was 15.

Before moving to England from New Zealand, I played in several successful covers bands playing classic pub rock.

After moving to England I decided to have a foray into the originals scene.  I played numerous gigs in and around London for a few years.

In 2008 I was a founding member of a successful rock covers band that played all over Kent.

After a hiatus from playing live I auditioned for Sold on Soul mid 2018. Veering away from my rock roots to a style of music I’ve always loved, just never played.

The band is sounding great, it’s got a real groove going. The songs are ready to get the crowd up on their feet.

I’m looking forward to playing more gigs with my soul brothers and sisters, laying down the low end groove.